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Larnec Doors and Systems have successfully project managed many door and frame packages for commercial projects across Victoria. Our team have worked closely with many building, construction and architectural businesses over the years to manufacture commercial doors for hospitals, apartments, age care facilities and even quarantine facilities. Below are a few of our successfully completed projects.

Project: Kerang Hospital
Location: Kerang (Vic)
New construction and redevelopment of existing buildings. Over a 2-year construction timeline Larnec doors project team worked with the client to successfully supply a wide range of doors including, fire doors, smoke doors, lead lined doors, and acoustic doors. Throughout the project Larnec also manufactured and supplied cavity sliders, pressed metal door frames and timber door frames.
Kerang Hospital
Project: Post Entry Quarantine Facility
Location: Mickleham (Vic)
Stage one of this Commonwealth operated facility was completed toward the end of 2015 and worked on over a 6 month period. The project involved the design, manufacture and installation of multiple, fit for purpose custom metal doors. It also involved multiple horse stables, sliding shutters, recovery doors, cat kennel doors and acoustic walling.
Post Entry Quarantine Facility
Project: Evergreen Apartments
Location: Ivanhoe (Vic)
A new apartment building development that our project team are currently supplying timber doors and frames. The door package is across general areas, service doors, apartment entry doors and internal apartment doors.
Evergreen Apartments

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